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Author: Holiday Ever After

Hey there, I am Abani a fulltime blogger, mentor, and founder of I passionate about handcrafting, cooking and traveling. To be very honest, due to sorts of money till yet my traveling journey going a little slow. But by God’s grace maybe I can be able to travel the whole world. I believe in staying fit and healthy loving this amazing creature is completing a life. Right now I am working on a company daily basis 8-10hr job, because of money. I don’t know how much time I will take to start my own dreamy life. I am starting this blog to share my travel experience with low budget money as well as How I am balancing my family, office, and my travel. I am not a writer but still, I am trying to write my experience in my way. I hope soon I will give the real value of my brand Holiday Ever After on my life. After all this, I am a real foodie but pure vegetarian. I love to eat the food made by my Super Mom. Me, my dearest husband, my brother and my Bhabi ( brother’s wife), we love the food made by our Mom. I will share all the Indian items (Basically Odia Food) for all my foodies’ friends. I love to do handcrafting in my leisure time. I love to share the items made by me and my crafting friends. I will share all the affordable but quality and best things through my blog. Keep reading.